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Storehouse24 is a storage company offering customized storage space including personal storage, household storage, business storage, luggage storage, packing and moving, with state-of-the-art storage facilities.

Not only do we offer packing and moving services, but you can also request our services for various storage requirements, including temporary and self-storage.

Storehouse24 is managed by industry experts with several years of experience in managing the storage space.


Our Vision

To facilitate small and medium scale enterprise (SME) customers by implementing warehouse Quality Operating Standards (QOS) for stock management at an affordable cost while providing personal and household storage space non-business segment for short and long term needs.

Our Mission

To provide storage space to the customers to meet their ever-increasing urban storage needs powered by an emerging technology platform.


We ensure that our storage place is modeled to offer the most economical and easily accessible storage space for different storage needs.

Our storage facilities are highly secure and convenient to care for your belongings and a one-point destination. Whether you are travelling for a shorter duration or transferred for a shorter tenure, or renovating your house and running out of storage space or to keep your automobile vehicles and other households for a certain period, Storehouse24 is a right place with a wide array of storage solutions

We treasure your belonging with our hearts

We ensure our storage space is well-equipped as per the global standards viz. pest-free premises, CCTV surveillance 24/7, round-the-clock security, smoke detectors, Fire extinguishers barcode assisted inventory management system, and the warehouses equipped with wooden pallets and carton boxes. Thus if you are searching for a warehouse facility at an affordable rental value to store your belongings for a certain period ranging from as little as one month onwards. Storehouse24 provides you the best and affordable storage facilities designed to provide affordable and easily accessible storage space.


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