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We are the best storage management solution providing many incredible benefits,
including the following:

A Storehouse For Almost Everything

You can use our storage warehouse to store anything – goods, household products, documents, business storage etc. The only exceptions are food, liquids, explosives, illegal goods, etc. – that is, products that are either unethical or represent a risk to other goods placed in storage.


An Affordable Storage Warehouse

Despite so many modern amenities and excellent facilities, our services are available at low rental rates. The exact prices are determined while keeping the nature of goods and duration in mind. Accordingly, you can also choose a payment method – one-time, monthly, long-term, etc. You will find that our prices are most competitive, reasonable, and budget-friendly.


A Modern and Digital Storage Facility

Every storehouse we own comes with modern and digital amenities like CCTV surveillance, online payments, a website, vacuum cleaning, biometrics, etc. Your goods deserve nothing but the best modern technology has to offer, and that is exactly what they get at our storage house.


Ideal for Temporary Storage

Often people run into a need for a temporary storage facility. That may happen due to both commercials of financial reasons. If that is the case with you, we provide temporary storage for durations of all types, from small to large, including indefinite periods.


A Combination of Moving and Storage Services

Further, we provide both moving and storage services. That means you don’t have to hire separate movers. Our moving and storage services involve providing professional packers, safe storage and transportation, and prompt on-call retrieval of goods.


Storage Services By The Best Experts

StoreHouse24 knows how much you value your goods, and we shall never let amateurs handle them. Every storage facility we own has a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals that are the safest hands for handling your goods.

Storage Services

A Combination of Moving and Storage Services

Further, we provide both moving and storage services. That means you don’t have to hire separate movers. Our moving and storage services involve providing professional packers, safe storage and transportation, and prompt on-call retrieval of goods.


What Our Clients say about us...

Software Engg , Hyderabad
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Excellent service, Staff responds quickly. Staff are professional, Packing was excellent. Affordable prices for storage.
Kishore Kotni
Kishore Kotni
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My relationship with storehouse guys started in the year 2017, I had to keep my furniture and household things in a warehouse for couple of months and i was searching online and found these guys. They are very professional and I felt very safe to keep my things with them. They Packed everything like a factory packing. Rakesh, is very professional and understanding, we had to customise lot of things and he never said no to any of our request.
k v sambasivarao
k v sambasivarao
Senior credit manager , Hyderabad
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When my plan for shifting to HYD from bangalore, 1st question in mind .. How to shift the baggage., through my friend reference I opted this company StoreHouse From pick up to delivery, they have taken each and every details of baggage, packing done with all good material. The cost was also less compared to competition, Best part of service. U can see ur baggage once it store in warehouse , anytime u can see ur baggage, it's been 6 months I am availing the services, happy with the service
Archana and Amar
Archana and Amar
Software Engineer , Hyderabad
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Fantastic service by StoreHouse. Reasonable price and very good packaging. The shifting was completed within a day. The staff was very supportive. The best part was that there were no hidden charges other than the quoted value.
Software Developer , Hyderabad
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Excellent service! The transportation was right on time and the condition of my belongings was absolutely perfect. The team is also very helpful and hard working. The prices are also better as compared to its competitors. Would definitely recommend.

The Most Secure Storage

We offer the best services for storing your valued properties safe and secured in our warehouses.

Pest Controle

Pest Free

Various goods may be suspectable to different pests, for example, wood and documents to termites and rodents. StoreHouse24 provides a completely pest-free storehouse.

Biometric Security

Biometric Security

When it comes to security, there is nothing as secure as biometrics. StoreHouse24 uses these technologies to provide extra safe storage for your goods.

Secure Online Payment

Secure Online Payment

Our storage services can be easily availed by making online payments. These payments are processed through secure routes.

Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum Cleaning

Dust is not only a sanitary disaster. It can also corrode many types of stored goods. At StoreHouse24, we provide dust-safe storage for your interests.

Safety against Fire

Safety against Fire

Apart from pests, fire is the biggest peril for most products. Our storage warehouse facilities have ready access to fire extinguishers to fight against such perils. Further, we don't allow explosive material in our facilities.

CCTV Surveillance security Storage

CCTV Surveillance security Storage

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is used for continuous surveillance and monitoring to ensure secure storage of your goods.

Insurance Protection

Insurance Protection

Of course, even with all these measures, the risk of damage can only be minimized and never eliminated. That is why goods stored at our storage house facilities get insurance protection.

  All these measures help us be one of the best when it comes to providing  safe storage for our goods.


Our Achievements




Personal storage





House Hold Service

A Holistic Management System

For commercial purposes, we can be your single source budget-friendly solution to all inventory and storage management problems with our dependable moving and storage services. That helps us bring 360-degree solutions to your needs, whether you choose the self-storage option or our storage services. With the added bonus of packaging and insurance covers, we enable enterprises to make storage management easy. We have already emerged as the leading service for outsourcing storage management in the three cities we operate in.

Purposes For Which You Can Use Our Storage Facility

Our storehouse can be used for all types of purposes including:

  • For temporary storage of goods while you find a lasting arrangement.
  • As a self-storage facility.
  • As a secure storage facility for valuable documents and goods.
  • As a storage warehouse for seasonal goods.
  • As a temporary storehouse for your household goods when renovating your home or finding a new home.
  • For any other purpose, you may need a storage house.

With StoreHouse24 at your side, you will never need to find other moving and storage services, whether for self-storage or temporary storage, commercial or personal purposes. Request a quote to try our safe storage facility now.

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Location We Serve

  • Hyderabad
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Pune
  • Noida

The Best Safe Storage Services for Your Business

One of the critical requirements for most businesses is safe storage. The same is required for the component, parts, raw materials, and finished products across industries. With StoreHouse24, you have an excellent solution to these problems.

A Perfect Self Storage Facility

A self-storage facility provides you with the flexibility of storing whatever you may require. StoreHouse24 provides ideal self-storage options. It helps you combine the advantages of self-storage management with our storage services. The self-storage facility can be rented temporarily or indefinitely.


Why Choose Us?

StoreHouse24 is a quintessential storage management solution that offers a myriad of benefits to address a diverse array of storage needs. We provide a commitment to versatility and vast storage warehouses that accommodate almost anything. Our warehouses are useful for storing goods, household items, documents, and even business storage. StoreHouse24 ensures affordability by offering competitive, reasonable, and budget-friendly options. Our each facility is equipped with modern digital features such as CCTV surveillance, online payments, biometrics, and vacuum cleaning, providing the utmost care and security for stored goods.


StoreHouse24 caters to various durations, from small to large, including indefinite periods. It goes beyond mere storage, integrating moving services that encompass professional packing, safe storage, transportation, and prompt retrieval of goods. Our facilities also cater to various purposes like temporary storage, self-storage, secure storage for documents and valuables, and storage for seasonal goods. We eliminate the need for separate movers. Our experienced professionals ensure secure handling. StoreHouse24 operates in multiple cities, including Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. 


We are utmost sincere about receiving positive client testimonials that showcase the efficiency and reliability of our storage and moving services. You can trust us as your most reliable storage management solution. 


Selecting a dependable packers and movers company involves a meticulous assessment of several factors. Factors such as positive customer reviews serve as a reliable indicator of the company’s reputation and service quality. Additionally, considering the breadth of services offered is crucial; StoreHouse24, as evidenced by testimonials, provide a comprehensive suite, including professional packing, secure storage, and efficient transportation.      

We give special emphasis on experts to handle your goods which ensures a safe and reliable relocation. With a combination of all these elements you can make a proper and informed choice when it comes to deciding a packers and movers company. This also helps facilitate a smooth and tension free process of moving.

Rehousing Packers and Movers distinguishes themselves by offering storage facilities equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. There are many amenities available in storage facilities. These include the following:

  • CCTV surveillance to enhance security
  • Online payment options for convenience
  • A dedicated website to give streamlined access
  • Biometric security measures to safeguard stored items
  • Vacuum cleaning services to maintain a pristine environment

Companies that provide these modern amenities show their dedication to provide secure, efficient and technologically advanced storage solutions. Clients do get the benefits from these amenities as they know that their goods are not only stored safely but also in a facility that leverages contemporary technology for optimal management and accessibility.

Rehousing Packers and Movers cater to diverse shifting needs. These companies provide versatile solutions for various shifting requirements. They offer a wide range of services like professional packing into the secure storage, efficient transportation, and on-call retrieval of the goods. You can rely on these companies to act as your reliable partner for all types of shifting services. Whether individuals are relocating residences, or businesses, or requiring temporary storage, they can rely on rehousing packers and movers to assist them This adaptability ensures that clients receive tailored solutions, making the entire process convenient and efficient.

StoreHouse24 offers multiple avenues for clients to get in touch with their management or staff. Utilizing online payment services or visiting the company’s website can provide contact details for reaching out. They also facilitate easy and effective communication for clients who have questions or require help or information about their services. StoreHouse24 recognizes the value of prompt customer service, and by providing a variety of contact options, they make sure that customers are able to quickly get in touch with the staff or management whenever assistance is required.

Opting for packers and movers services presents numerous advantages. The convenience of a one-stop solution distinguishes these services, particularly those provided by StoreHouse24, encompasses professional packing, secure storage, efficient transportation, and prompt retrieval of goods. We ensure the safe handling of their belongings throughout the entire process and clients get the benefit from our expertise of experienced professionals. The comprehensive suite of services offered by packers and movers streamline the entire relocation experience and eliminates the need for separate movers b y choosing packers and movers services,

StoreHouse24 implements a robust set of security and safety measures to safeguard stored items within their warehouses. Following are the security measures taken by us to ensure safety of your stored items:


  • The use of CCTV surveillance ensures continuous monitoring and deterring potential security threats.
  • The use of Biometric security measures add an extra layer of protection, limiting access to authorized personnel.
  • Our secure online payment options contribute to the overall safety of transactions.
  • Regular vacuum cleaning services not only maintain a clean environment but also prevent dust-related damage to stored items.
  • The presence of fire extinguishers addresses the risk of fire, further enhancing the safety protocols.
  • Our services are coupled with insurance protection for stored goods


These are the measures taken by us to collectively create a secure storage environment, minimize potential risks and ensure the utmost safety and protection for our clients’ belongings.

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